Iron Maiden & Rock-Tour CDMX Concert

Iron Maiden a British heavy metal band founded in 1975 by bassist Steve Harris, considered one of the most important bands of all time in its genre, this band reaches fans directly, recording high-quality records and making high-quality records live performances considered to be the best of the genre.

This event we will be visiting, departing from Zihuatanejo to Mexico City on September 29, 2019, we invite you to join this tour watching live this great band in its show: “Legacy Of The Beast Tour” and let‘s do together a couple more tour of places of b Rock on September 30 at the CDMX, returning to Zihuatanejo that afternoon.

The production and track list of “Legacy Of The Beast Tour” were inspired by Iron Maiden’s mobile media game of the same name, available on iOS and Android platforms on

“We are excited to return to Mexico City and share the Legacy of the Beast Tour with all our friends, we are immensely proud of this show and have had excellent reactions from the many fans who came to see us in Europe earlier this year. The production is based on our mobile game, The Legacy Of The Beast, which basically takes various incarnations of Eddie to many different worlds. This inspired us to put together a theatrical show to take our fans through those different worlds and experiences with our songs.”
“It’s not so easy to design different worlds on stage, we work hard to make it work and the end result makes us feel like it’s our most spectacular live work and arguably the most complex to date. We have all sorts of crazy things, including a replica of the Spitfire plane that dominates the stage during Aces High, tons of pyrotechnics, a giant Icarus, muskets and some really wonderful flamethrowers that I have a lot of fun with.
“And of course, we have Eddie like you’ve never seen him before, and many more surprises. I’ve had an amazing time playing with all these gorgeous accessories on stage, it’s been fantastic and we can’t wait to bring this show to Mexico!”

Bruce Dickinson, Iron Maiden Vocalist.

The band that opens the 2019 tour are The Raven Age (

1, 2: Limited quota to only 6 people traveling in shared transport, subject to availability, restrictions apply.

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