Ixtapa Island Tours

Enjoy the natural beauty of Ixtapa Island on ours tours to see the Cuachalalate, Coral and Varadero Beaches; In this experience you can swim, snorkel, ride the banana or rent a jet ski.

Ixtapa Island Tours

The approximate duration of the tour is 5 hours, enough time to know some of its beaches, enjoy its natural beauty, practice some water sports (not included in this package).

Excursion to the Ixtapa Island

: An entrance (options):
Nachos, guacamole or ceviche

. A Dish:
Fish fillet to taste or chicken.

One drink: soft drink or beer
All dishes include rice, salad



Does not include:



  • Families
  • Bus groups (special prices for groups)

If you want more information about the Ixtapa Island Tours or other sightseeing tour, please contact me.

What you can do:

See wildlife in its natural state
Enjoy water sports (recommended: snorkear on the reef)
Swim in its calm waters (mostly)
Enjoy the panorama that nature gives on the Island
Enjoy the road trip and the sea view during the boat tour.
Explore the paths between the beaches and discover the special corners of the island.
Take a good nap (usually a very quiet place but not in high season).


Do not bring to the island products with: unicel, glass, plastic bags
Keep the natural resources of the island: do not extract sand, coral or fauna
Care of the fauna, do not disturb the animals; deer, rabbits, turtles, iguanas are in their natural state.
Follow the guidance instructions.
Read and respect the rules of the island.

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