Tour in the Aztlán Park Ecological Reserve at Ixtapa

In general we all like to know interesting, new and fun places, the ecological reserve of Aztlán park is in the Ixtapa Bicycle path its Second Stage.

In Parque Aztlán Ixtapa its paths and trails are walking or cycling tours by sports visitors, tourists, students or people related to nature.

Ecosystems in Aztlán Park

Mangroves, wetlands, deciduous forest and lagoons are very characteristic of this coastal area of Guerrero.

Aztlán Park información:

1. The Fauna consists of: American crocodile (Crocodrylus acutus), green iguanas, coatis, deer, lake turtle, armadillos, squirrels, ferrets, raccoons, tlacuaches, birds such as parakeets, woodpeckers, herons, parrots, cardinals, calandrias and spatula pink.

2. In La Flora we find: Ceibas, hujes and parotas mainly.

3. The distance covered by the cyclohighway within the Aztlán Park ecological reserve is 3.5 km. (second stage of the bicycle path)

4. Apropriate to Carry: Water, cap, camera, mosquito repellent.

If you like a visit, walking or cycling tour, group tour assisted by a local guide do not hesitate to contact us.

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