Paricutín Volcano Tour

To visit El Paricutín volcano we will first leave the city of Zihuatanejo towards Uruapan where we will stay overnight, already in our initial destination we will head towards Angahuan very early, a Purépecha people that still retains its traditions, language and culture Prehispanic.

There, our travelers will be able to decide whether to continue the tour on foot or on horseback. After fifteen minutes of tour through it fresh and aromatic coniferous forest predominant in the region, we will reach the ruins of the ancient village of “San Juan Parangaricutiro” that was destroyed by the eruption of the volcano in 1945. There will be waiting for us a sample of the traditional Purépecha food, which since 2010 is recognized by Unesco, as “Cultural Heritage of Humanity”, to the pride of Mexicans.

We can explore and photograph ourselves in the incredible landscapes offered by the black volcanic rock and the white remains of the church of it ancient village, which seems to emerge from among the solidified lava.

From there our cameras will not rest on the two-hour tour through it forest and the black sand dunes, to the cone of the volcano. Already at the summit the most bold and with better physical condition, you will be able to live the wonderful experience of entering the Crater of this magical volcano and warm your lunch in the columns of steam that arise from the heart of the earth.


  • Carry camera
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Light jacket or sweater
  • Cap
  • Bottled water
  • Blocker

Food and beverages are not included in the package.
This tour can be done frequently by meeting from 8 to 10 people at least.

The tour includes:
Round Travel Transportation
Accommodation (one night)

Not included:
Food Horseback Riding

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