La Saladita Mexico Surf Trip

Taking the weather forecasts we plan the Surf trip and lesson for “Asthon and Alejandro” in Playa La Saladita, this beach is only 35 km from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, recognized, sought after and frequented by surfers and ecocurists is one of the points to know and take a surf lesson from our young client couple.

“La Saladita” as we call it, is an ideal beach for surfing from beginners to experts (Long Board). A well-earned fame has on the Long Board Surf, the beach is frequented by locals, nationals and foreigners.

A place to meet, stay in comfortable villas or bungalows, eat rich and surf, certainly charming for those who like tranquility and nature in balance with the atmosphere.

In the Saladita there are options to rent a comfortable villa or bungalow, the attention, food and hospitality of “Lourdes” and LOOT are always reference in the atmosphere of The Surf, close to these businesses there are also many options of seafood and typical food of the area, in the nearby beach and in the Village of Los Llanos.

The Saladite in the surf area the ground consists mostly of river stone and a little sand (Rocky Point), the relief of the floor of the bottom with the round stone in conjunction with the proper swell direction, causes a left wave to flow with connections in which it gets fast but there will be very good and soft sections for those who like the long board.

A day with average swell (0.5 to 1.5 mts) there will surely be in La Saladita long distance left waves on the course, so making strength and resistance in arms and legs is almost a fact, there are parts on the wave to rip and also to take it quiet , make cuts, cutback, this wave is to have fun and pass it soft with moderate swell, in a Big Swell surely there will be way to enter and take good sized waves by the way they break evenly”.

A pleasant day with our visitors, very early we started with our first Surf Trip to Playa Saladita this 2019″.

We carry out the necessary warming to start a Theoretical-Practical Class still in the sand, indicating basic principles of learning about surfing such as: the body, board, leash, waves, currents, forecasts of possible blows and care with others that are at sea (swimmers and other surfers), all this to develop skills necessary to take a small wave or foam, always assisted in the sand and sea of an experienced instructor. With the help of Lic Fercho Silva, enthusiastic surfer, collaborator and shaper we developed the surf session and the sea.

Already in the water, almost ready to surf, we do the activity of lying in a balanced position in front of the board, already on the softboard feeling and learning from this balance in the right position we paddle little by little until feeling more comfortable is the first thing we practice, we continue to try to optimize the movements of arms and hands when swimming and advancing again and again between the waves of La Saladita.

Assist them at all times in the water by both instructors, teach them the care with the boards in safety matters, avoid blows, etc. What you need to take as many waves as you want and have a good time.

The time comes with more excitement and start practicing getting up on the board and taking the wave, an emotion of being on par with a sparkling wave, this experience is never forgotten, “The First Wave”.

Both satisfied, funny and very tired managed to stand on the board in the foam and very small waves, mainly Alexander who was his first experience on a surfboard was able to get up repeatedly.

Appreciations for the development of the activity and note:

  • Picho Water Sports
  • Catcha Lola
  • Mr. Fernando Silva Dominguez ( Rudos Surfboards )
  • Lourdes Surfbord Rentals

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