Paddle Surf Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Paddle Surf at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Paddle Surf
La Ropa Beach Zihuatanejo

A versatile water sport in the field of surfing is booming, SUP, this sport also known as Paddle Surf has its origins in Polynesia, where the inhabitants used the paddle board to mobilize.

After Hawaiians picked it up in the 1960s, surf instructors used board and paddleboard on Waikiki beach to take pictures, as well as for better visibility and handling of their group.

Also Hawaiians turned to stand-up paddle boarding to train without relying on the conditions in which they find waves, the SUP can be practiced in different situations, “the Stand Up Paddle is very versatile sport “

It consists of sailing aboard slightly wider than surfboards with the help of a paddle moving over a sea, river or lagoon surface.

Advantages and Popularity of the Paddle

Stand Up Paddle (SUP) – Zihuatanejo Bay

Paddle Surf at Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Immediate benefits in The Practice of Paddle

Improved balance, wide solture or confidence in the sea being very stable, the muscles are greatly strengthened chest, back, abdomen and legs although if practiced enough time all muscles are exercised.

Exercise, fun and relaxation in the Paddle rowing

To begin with you need a minimum of balance and strength to stand on the board and boost yourself in the water, also if you prefer you can do it on your knees on the board to feel the balance.


– Group (Min 3 people)

90 minutes at sea, 30 minutes in the sand.

– Paddle Beach in the Bay
*Upon confirmation*

45 minutes approx, rides along the beaches of Zihuatanejo Bay


  • Paddle board
  • Fitness
  • Instructor during the tour
  • Life jacket

What will you learn during the first session?

Paddle Lessons in Zihuatanejo Bay
Paddle Lessons in Zihuatanejo Bay
  • How to use the equipment and familiarize yourself with its use, in and out of the water
  • Gaining confidence to be on the surface
  • Maintain proper posture when standing on the board
  • Handling techniques for rowing use
  • Learn how to make turns and control direction

Paddle Lessons in Zihuatanejo Bay

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