Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

Information about Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo and nearby beaches to practice this experience.

Ixtapa Zihuatanejo is a very interesting place as a tourist destination, its typical food, natural places and beaches deserve a closer look at one of its attractions in water sports The Surfiing.

For many passionate national and international surfers it is one of the places where you have to return every year to run your waves.


This information about the beaches to sufear I do with pleasure and enthusiasm, being currently surfing part of my tours as a tourist guide.

I promote Surfing as a theme in my activities with tourists who choose Ixtapa Zihuatanejo to vacation and test their skills as far as this sport is concerned.

I am Alberto Barbosa Tourist guide, I take people who want to know more about this sport in the region to surf, some also to improve their skills by training them without missing some topics such as transport and accommodation.

Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

I share activities with some Surf Schools as well as Surf Camps for the improvement of the experience, so you feel confident when asking or booking one of our Surfing Tours.

Surf Tours on the Costa Grande of Guerrero

Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo

In Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo there are several nearby beaches that have the right waves and conditions for surfing much of the year.

Being approximately from April to November the most consistent wave season for Surfing, eight months practically.

For the more adventurous you can spend a few kilometers on the road in search of the Perfect Wave, locating in some of these beaches very good conditions even in season that there is no great waves.

Surfing in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo
Surfer: Oscar Pérez Mejía – Ixtapa Zihuatanejo


There is a variety of waves, from beaches for beginners to beaches with powerful waves and large waves.

There are different types of beach for the formation of waves, there are beaches with mouth of river mouth, the beach break and clear the reefs; Las Gatas beach is a good example of this within the Bay of Zihuatanejo.

Other solitary or secret beaches exist in Ixtapa Zihuatanejo with waves usually suitable for surfing depending on the season. Surf Guide

Some beaches with good conditions for surfing near Ixtapa Zihuatanejo:

To the north: Las Escolleras, Playa Linda, Pantla, Troncones and Manzanillo Inn, La Saladita, El Capire (El Rancho) and almost ending the state of Guerrero is Petacalco.

Heading south: Barra de Potosí, Icacos Beach in Juluchuca, Loma Bonita, La Barrita, El Calvario, Cayaquitos and Puerto Vicente.

Las Gatas Beach in Zihuatanejo Bay

An event for the local surfers of Zihuatanejo becomes Playa las Gatas with the arrival of a big waves mainly southwest or south directorion.

Since a lot of surfers begin to appear to take these left waves, considered by many as the best left waves in Mexico.

Las Escolleras Ixtapa Beach

Escolleras one of the most frequented surfing areas in the practice of sport, it is only a few meters from the Hotel Zone next to Palmar beach.

Playa Las Escolleras is a Beach Breack with waves on both sides, with mostly the right wave being the most constant; but the left is usually very good and fast too.

Like many beaches of this type: sand only bottom, its banks are formed in seasons mostly by bottom sea or significant storms to receive the waves and have the best conditions.

Las Escolleras in Ixtapa its best season of Waves for Surfing is Summer, It is not suitable for beginners !.

Linda Beach

A very interesting place where Surfing is practiced is Playa Linda, it is accessible and very close to the Hotel Zone of Ixtapa.

Playa Linda is located in front of the Trailer Park RV of Fonatur

The waves of Playa Linda are usually soft and medium size, however the recent conditions in the place create waves with force and good shape.

It is usually a good place for beginners and intermediates.

On this beach as in most on the sea there is usually current, so caution is always recommended and take the necessary safety measures.

Manzanillo Inn – Troncones

A special place of left waves and very close to the classic beach breack of Troncones this place is known as Manzanillo Inn.

Majahua as this beach is also called, the place will be suitable for surfing when the south or southwest waves are very large, since its location is on a rock tip and reef.

El Capire – El Rancho Beach

Ranch is one of the favorite beaches for surfing in the region, the place is not so accessible, but the quality of its waves are worth the tour.

Left waves with strength and good ramp, plus very long distance are at the main point of the beach.

The Ranch for Surfing has more consistent waves from March to the end of November, however in winter the right wave of the place can work very well with small and medium waves.

For more information and images of Playa El Rancho:

Petacalco Surf Beach

A legendary place for Surfing in Mexico is Petacalco in Guerrero, a place of very strong waves but perfectly shaped when the conditions are right.

Petacalco hosted the first Mexican National Surfing Tournament in 1978, with event winner Evencio Garcia Bibiano being a surfing legend from Acapulco.

Petacalco Gro Surf
Surf Petacalco Gro

So far comes the list of beaches from Ixtapa to the city of Lazaro Cardenas Michoacán.

If you want a Surf Tour on these beaches, we can gladly go to these and more throughout the Mexican Pacific, fill out your contact form. Tourist Guide

We continue with some beaches that are good for surfing from Zihuatanejo to the south on the coast of Guerrero.

Barra de Potosí

Some photographs of a recent surf trip to Barra de Potosí in company with Josh, Terry and Harper as photographer:

Photos by:

  • Marco Sebastián (ZihuaCoast), Instagram : @zihuacoast_
  • Burro Surf A.C.
  • Harper Torres

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